September 24, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Atlanta foodies are practically frolicking over to the Meatballerz Truck for a taste of their marvelous Meatballs and other incredibly authentic Italian eats. When it comes to eating these special handcrafted meatballs, there are a few options for you:

  • In a Hole: Meatball stuffed inside an Italian boule, topped with gravy & mozzarella, and then baked to blissful perfection
  • On a Bed: Meatball atop a bed of Bucatini pasta with gravy, secret seasoning, and garlic bread
  • On a Stick: Meatball topped with gravy and mozzarella and baked

Their types of meatballs also come in an exciting variety, including…

  • The Roma (classic meatball with ground beef and pork)
  • The Napoli (w/pine nuts & raisins)
  • The Pompeii (w/ spicy Italian sausage and roasted hot peppers)
  • The Campobasso (w/ maple bacon)