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Why don’t you serve wine or Liquor?2020-05-12T16:35:15-04:00

StillFire is a production brewery, which is very different than a traditional bar or brewpub. Our brewery license allows us only to sell what we physically produce on-site, hence why we only offer the 18-20 delicious beers you see in the taproom. Our license prevents us from selling any outside liquor, beer, or wine.

Can I bring in outside liquor/wine?2020-05-12T16:35:36-04:00

Unfortunately, no. Because our license only allows us to sell what we make on premise, this also applies to outside alcoholic beverages. In addition, StillFire’s liability increases when patrons bring outside alcohol. Fortunately, we make sure to brew an eclectic lineup of beer that includes a gluten-free cider, several sours, and other lighter beer options for our non-traditional craft beer drinkers; try a few, you are sure to find something that lights that fire in your belly!

Are underage people allowed? Kid-friendly?2020-05-12T16:35:43-04:00

Yes! Kids and under-21 patrons are allowed on-site. We ID either at the door or at the bar, and only age 21+ patrons will be served alcohol. However, we have many non-alcoholic options such as our homemade root beer, soft drinks, nitro coffee, craft beverages, and kid-friendly juice boxes. We also have tons of games and large outdoor area/playground for the kids to play.

Do you fill sell Growlers and Crowlers?2020-05-12T16:35:49-04:00

As of this time, we do not. Instead, we invested in our very own canning line which we use to package many of our fan-favorite beers for you to take home.

Will you guys have food trucks?2020-05-12T16:35:58-04:00

Yes! Look for our food truck door to open this Spring!

Do you sell food?2020-05-12T16:36:05-04:00

While StillFire itself does not make any food on-site, we have partnered with several of our local restaurants to ensure that food is available every day for purchase in the taproom. We also sell snacks in the Swag Shop!

Do you allow outside food?2020-05-12T16:36:11-04:00

Yes! Please feel free to bring any outside food you wish to enjoy in our taproom.

Do you have snacks and drinks for kids?2020-05-12T16:36:19-04:00

Yes! Please visit our Swag Shop for options.

Where can I park?2020-05-12T16:36:27-04:00

Customers may park in our parking lot in between our building and the new courthouse project. There is also public parking available at the police station, library (under the train tracks), and in Suwanee Town Center.

Do you have for gluten-free customers?2020-05-12T16:36:34-04:00

We offer a gluten-free cider beer for all of our GF folk to join in on the fun!

Do you have non-alcoholic options?2020-05-12T16:36:42-04:00

Yes! See above (craft beverages, nitro coffee, root beer, soft drinks)

Are we dog-friendly and where are they allowed?2020-05-12T16:36:48-04:00

Dogs are welcome both in and outside of our taproom! Bring your four-legged friends to enjoy our outdoors space and grab a treat inside.

Do you have beer to-go?2020-05-12T16:36:57-04:00

Yes! Packaged 4-packs and to-go beer containers are available in the Swag Shop. Suwanee Town Center is allows open-container, so you can take your Suwanee verified plastic cup into the park to enjoy your StillFIre beer to-go!

Are you allowed to smoke/vape on-premises?2020-05-12T16:37:04-04:00

No, we are a zero tolerance no-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outside of our property.

Can I bring my beer off the patio?2020-05-12T16:37:10-04:00

You may carry your beer off of our patio and into the playground area so long as you first pour it into a plastic cup! Ask your bartender for assistance.

Do you take reservations?2020-05-12T16:37:15-04:00

No, StillFire is first-come first-serve except for noted special occasions.

Do you sell any other beer but your own?2020-05-12T16:37:21-04:00

Nope! Please see above.

Do you have TVs?2020-05-12T16:37:28-04:00

Yes! We make sure to have all the big games on one of our several TVs in the taproom.

What if I forgot to close my tab?2020-05-12T16:37:35-04:00

No worries! We will close your tab for you at the end of the night. All overnight tabs are subject to a 20% added gratuity.

Do you offer tours? How much are tours?2020-05-12T16:37:44-04:00

Yes! We offer tours on Thursday nights at 10 pm. Tours may be purchased in the taproom or online for $10. This ticket includes one full pour, your tour, and a $1 donation to Cooper’s Crew charity.

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